What do you provide?

We provide individual modules covering a specific topic, (such as teaching on Zoom) with meticulously fact checked, up to date, relevant resources in detailed videos, guides, and infographics specifically oriented to the needs of musicians. The contents of each module can be downloaded for use within a studio.

Can't I find all this information online?

Yes of course you can! But most of us would rather be practicing, teaching, or performing music instead of staying up until 2 AM searching for solutions and materials. Trust us, we've been there and we want to save you the headache. Our condensed infographics and videos were created to save your time and provide peace of mind.

Can I share these materials with my students?

Yes, purchasing a module provides you with a private studio license to reproduce and share our materials within your studio. Please contact us if you would like to distribute these materials in a school setting.

How do I know if a module is right for me?

Every module comes with free previews so you can see exactly what you're purchasing beforehand.

I purchased a module but I want to upgrade to a bundle package.

Contact us! We'll charge you the difference to upgrade and send you the additional materials upon payment.

I can't find a resource I want!

Contact us! We are constantly publishing new material and we are happy to create specifically for your needs.

Do you update your resources?

Yes we constantly update our resources to reflect updated softwares and best practices. We can also provide you with an updated resource upon request. Simply contact us below.

Do you offer exchanges or refunds?

We have a 10 day money-back guarantee for all our products. If you're not happy with something you purchased, contact us and we'll try to find an alternate solution for you.

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